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Get your miles however you like, whether you walk one mile a day or do a variety of activities every other day.

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We are a fitness challenge, but so much more! Whether you’re just starting to discover the benefits of being more active, or if you’re already a seasoned adventurer, you’re in the right place!

The 365 Mile Challenge community works together every year to complete a common goal – move at least 365 miles. You can walk, run, hike, swim, bike, paddle, snowshoe, etc. – as long as you’re the one doing the work, it counts! We also have awesome mini-challenges throughout the year to keep you moving (Adventure Bingo, anyone?).

A Collaborative Challenge

This isn’t a competitive challenge – it’s collaborative. We are all getting our miles in our own way and at our own pace – but we’re in this together. We have some members going for double or even triple miles, while others are working hard towards 365. We have folks who are running or hiking 20+ miles per week, and others who take evening walks at sunset around their neighborhood. We’re all 365 Mile Challenge members.

And Yet, We’re a Team…

We cheer for each other’s successes and we help each other get back on track if we fall off. We are a community with a lot of support, motivation, and inspiration to share. Come join us!

How the 365 Mile Challenge Works

Get Registered

Choose your registration package. You can get everything or pick and choose what you want. At the start of the new year (or with confirmation of your registration if you join after January 1st), you’ll receive your welcome packet, instructions for the app, and a link to our private Facebook group.

Get Involved

The vast majority of people who meet or exceed their goals are active in our private Facebook group. Our community is upbeat, encouraging, and inspirational – helping you to stay focused and on track.

Not on Facebook? No problem. Stay connected through the community section of our app, our quarterly newsletters, and our other social media channels.

get moving

Time to start moving! You can keep track of your miles by using our 365 Mile Challenge App. It’s included with every challenge registration!

Get your heart rate up and your feet moving. We are here to provide inspiration, motivation, and the rewards!

Get rewarded

Earn badges on the app when you hit challenge milestones. At the end of your challenge, you will also receive a digital Finisher’s Certificate right on the app!

During registration, you also have an option to choose between our Finisher’s Medal or one of our four Finisher’s Patches (Single, Double, Triple, or Xtreme Miler)!

The 365 Mile Challenge App

Add Your Miles in Three Easy Ways

Conveniently add miles to your challenge by using our built-in pedometer, connecting with popular fitness apps/devices – including Fitbit, Strava, Apple Watch, Garmin, and the Map My Apps.

Track Your Progress

Track your progress with our interactive graphs. You can view your progress by Week, Month, Year, and even Activity!

Fun Features

Our app also features a community message board, fun badges, and more! Download the app and start moving today!

Pedometer, Dashboard, and Community screenshots of 365 Mile Challenge App

Recent Stories

Shenandoah National Park

Shenandoah National Park

Since moving to the Richmond area a little over a year and a half ago, I have been lucky enough to travel to Shenandoah National Park multiple times. It is a stunning park with so much to offer visitors. I have explored several of the trails (though there are so many more I haven’t hit *yet*). Here are a few of my stories and some tips for hiking in Shenandoah:

Precious Times with Precious Company

Precious Times with Precious Company

I would like to share a bit about my visits with my favorite person to hike, walk and just enjoy life with - my now 43 year old daughter.  My daughter is a HS History teacher and lives some 1200 miles south of my home here in western NY.  Some years ago...

Walking in Circles

Walking in Circles

I can recall walking in the Texas desert with my grandma while she searched for rocks to put in her rock polisher so she could make us grandkids necklaces.  Just walking and wondering what’s on the other side of the next hill was one of my favorite childhood...

A Challenge For Everyone

We have more than just the one challenge!

365 Mile challenge

Our main challenge to move at least 365 miles in one year.

Virtual Races

Our distance-based challenges that run for 3 to 9 days long and you get a stunning medal!


Our activity-based challenges to keep you motivated throughout the year!

We Love Our Members!

We have a large and inspiring 365 community! Show us how you get your miles with #365MileChallenge on Instagram, and you could be featured here.


What Members Are Saying


It has had me moving everyday for just short of 2 years…it is now a MUST do not a SHOULD do! Changed my life!

– Robin

I love doing challenges and collecting patches/medals. It helps me stay motivated to exercise everyday, which is great for my health since I am diabetic.

– Linda

This challenge gave me something positive to focus on during a challenging year. I also enjoyed the 365 community. It’s a very supportive and encouraging group of people.

– Nicki

2024 Registration Packages

Choose your 365 Mile Challenge registration package. Get all we offer with the Total Package, or pick and choose with the Á la Carte Package. The Á La Carte base registration is virtual only or upgrade your base registration with any or all add-ons at a discounted price!

365 Mile Challenge Finsher’s Medal

Á La Carte Base Registration

  • Access to the 365 Mile Challenge App
  • Access to the community via Facebook and App
  • Quarterly email newsletters
  • Entry into our End of Year Celebration and Giveaway
  • Digital welcome packet
  • Digital Finisher’s Certificate on the App
  • Exclusive access to all of our Mini Challenges




The Total Package

Get everything – including all add-ons – in one convenient and price-saving package (a $130 value!)



Á La Carte Add-Ons

  • One Finisher’s Patch of your choice (single, double, triple, Xtreme miler) OR a stunning Finisher’s Medal when you complete the challenge
  • Legacy Patch of your chosen year
  • 2024 seasons t-shirt OR 365 Mile Challenge logo t-shirt (Sizes XS – 4XL)
  • 365 Mile Challenge logo sticker, decal, and magnet pack
  • 2024 Virtual Race bundle


Your Choice

(price dependant on add-ons chosen)

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the challenge run?

January 1 – December 31st, but you can join at any time and start whenever you’re ready. If you join say in April, you’ll still have until December 31st to finish your 365 miles.

Why do you have to pay to register?

Your registration fee supports the challenge. It allows us to provide all of the fun things that we do all year. Think of it as a race entry fee, only it’s for a race that lasts all year long.

How do I record my mileage?

Registration includes access to our 365 Mile Challenge App! It will allow you to track your miles by linking it to a device or app that you already use (Strava, Garmin, FitBit, Apple Watch/iHealth, Google Fit, or Map My… apps), use the built-in pedometer feature, or manually log your miles. There will also be “Mileage Monday” posts every week in the Facebook group for you to report your mileage. When the challenge is finished, your finisher’s certificate will appear right in the app!

What if I miss a day?

It’s okay! Make it up over the rest of the week. You can log the miles however you want. While the goal is to build a habit by doing it every day, some people do it every other day and some get all of their miles over the weekend. If you’re just starting out though, we highly recommend that you try to get out as close to every day as possible.

Is this challenge open to everyone, regardless of where we live?

Currently, the 365 Mile Challenge is only open to folks in the U.S A. and Canada, but we’re investigating options to make it available internationally soon.

What kind of miles can I log?

Any activity that gets your legs moving and your heart pumping counts. For example, running, hiking, and mountain biking count, but 4-wheeling doesn’t. When in doubt, send us a quick message and we’ll get right back to you. The goal here is to get our bodies moving!

How do I count activities like aerobics or yoga?

For exercises that are not easily tracked by distance, we have a helpful conversion chart that converts time spent on these activities into distance equivalents that you can use. You can even have your time automatically converted into distance on the app by manually logging your miles in the “Other” category!

Can I do this as a family? Is there an age limit to participate?

We encourage you to bring your spouse, children, parents, aunts, uncles and favorite pets along for the ride. To enroll in the challenge however, they need to be at least 18. We do have an 365MC Explorers Mini-Challenge for children ages 2-18, but only if the parent or relative is a current member.

What do I get if I complete 365 miles?

If you’ve completed at least 365 “self-propelled” miles during the year, you’ll get insane bragging rights and a finisher’s certificate that will pop up right on the app that you can share! We also have cool patches and a stunning medal available that you can add-on to your registration.

Can I do more than 365 miles?

Yes! Many of our members come back every year with goals to double or even triple their miles! We have special patches for those who complete a Double, a Triple, or an Xtreme (anything more than a Triple)! You can add-on a patch during registration and tell us which patch you’ve earned when the challenge ends.

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