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7 Tips to Help You Get Outside When it is Cold

by | Jan 24, 2020 | Tips & Tricks

It’s winter. You are probably pumped and ready to go, but there is one thing stopping you: it’s COLD outside! In some areas, it’s incredibly cold. If you want to get outside, even when it’s frigid, these tips are for you!

1. Layers upon layers upon layers

If you’re going to be outside in freezing temps, you need to wear layers –  a lot of layers. If you get too hot, you can always remove an item or two, but it’s a little tough to add more if you didn’t bring them with you. Keep in mind that you’re going to warm up as you start moving, and then cool down again as you stop. Wearing layers is really one of the best ways to keep yourself warm and comfortable in any weather.

2. Bring something warm to drink

One of my favorite ways to stay warm is bringing something warm along to drink. You could bring coffee, tea, hot chocolate, or even soup!  It will help keep you warm and toasty on the inside!


3. Grab hand warmers to bring along

Whenever you’re out in the really cold weather, it’s nice to have something warm in your pockets or boots. Hand and foot warmers are relatively light, inexpensive and easy to use. Hands and feet often feel cold outside, even with layers, but hand warmers can really help!

4. Get creative in the shoe department

If slipping and sliding in your shoes are keeping you from going outside in the cold weather, consider wearing Crampons, Snow Spikes, or Yaktrax. They are great for safe walking in the snow and ice. If you’ve never walked in them before, they are going to change your life. I’ve even added a pair to my winter emergency kit for my car.

Also remember that waterproof boots and shoes are great for winter, but they can make your feet sweat! If you’re going to be out for a while, bring an extra pair of socks.

5. Invest in Snowshoes

If you live somewhere with a lot of snow and you really want to enjoy the fluffy powder, invest in a pair of snowshoes. It’s a little like hiking, but quite a bit more intense. Check out the tips and tricks for snowshoeing that we’ve posted on Pinterest, the article we’ve posted on our Facebook page, and our December YouTube video on the Basics of Snowshoeing!

6. Wear a Balaclava

Want to keep your face warm in the cold weather? Make sure you grab a balaclava. These wonderful creations are designed to keep your face warm. They cover everything but your eyes. If you want, you can even wear goggles to protect your eyes from the cold.

7. Remember your emergency kit

Last, but certainly not least, don’t forget your emergency kit. We recommend a space blanket, a first aid kit, a few extra food items, waterproof matches or a lighter, and water. Even though it’s cold outside, your body needs water. (Eating snow is not a substitute for drinking water. Your body actually uses more water than it takes in just to melt the snow. If you’re going to use snow for hydration, melt it first!)

We hope this helps you feel more comfortable and confident about logging miles outside in the winter. We can’t wait to see what you do! You’ve got this!

Watch the video above for information on the Basics of Winter Hiking and the 10 essentials you need to bring on your next winter hike.

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