A Trail for All Seasons

If you’re like me, a lot of your miles come from local trails. While there are a lot of options in my area, I have a few favorites. One is the Textile Heritage Trail. Although short – only about 1/4 mile – this trail offers a different sense of beauty in every season. I walk the quarter mile loop in both directions to change the perspective while getting in my mile(s), and I’ve noticed that the trail changes as the seasons change!

In the heart of winter when all the leaves are gone, you can easily view the creek that runs along side the elevated walkway and watch squirrels and birds gather food off the forest floor. Wild flowers, moss covered tree trunks, and a variety of mushrooms are a feast for the eyes in spring. When summer is in full swing, the trail reminds me more of an Amazon jungle than urban trail! A full canopy of leaf-covered branches offer shade on a hot day; while vines, the sound of running water in the creek, and an abundance of ferns and other foliage line the walkway. Fall is my favorite time to visit the trail! The trees display a riot of color while fallen leaves blanket the trail with a carpet to crunch as you make your way.

As we’re out logging miles, we often forget to look around us and enjoy our surroundings. This year, I challenge you to pick a favorite trail close to home and visit it throughout the year. Take notice of how the sights, smells, sounds, and feelings that you experience on the trail change with every season. Snap a photo of your favorite spot and compare the photos throughout the year. Reflect on the changes that both you and the trail experience! This is an easy way to keep “familiar and frequented” places interesting and inspiring!

The Textile Heritage Trail is located at:

3251 S River Rd.

Fieldale, VA 24089

“If we must walk the same paths frequently, why not enjoy them every step of the way.” – LeAnn Willard








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