Basics Of… Snowshoeing!

Looking for a fun, no-hassle, way to get outdoors in the winter? Try Snowshoeing! Snowshoeing is an excellent way to stay active in the winter. Anyone can do it. It’s just as easy as strapping on your snowshoes and going for a walk. No lessons required. All ages welcome!

Snowshoes are meant to give you a little float over the snow, allowing you to hopefully walk over the top of it instead of sinking deep into it. They also have big ‘teeth’ underneath to give you traction – making them very helpful when traversing steep hills.

Snowshoes come in a variety of prices and styles – from very budget friendly to budget breaking top-of-the-line. They even make them in children’s sizes! I wear a pair with a traditional metal frame, but there are also plastic snowshoes available now. You can even buy “tails” for some types to make them longer for deeper powder. I recommend getting a good quality pair that are sturdy and well-made, as well as quick and easy to strap on and off so your hands don’t freeze!

You might also consider investing in a pair of trekking poles. They are very helpful to have with you while snowshoeing. Snow can often feel unstable under your feet, so the poles just give you that little bit of extra stability. I also wear tall boots to keep my ankles supported and to keep snow out of my socks!

So, next time there’s a big snowstorm, strap on your snowshoes and go out and have fun – instead of waiting for it to melt… again.





Watch Basics of Snowshoeing above for an introduction to snowshoeing including all the necessary gear!


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