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Why the 365 Mile Challenge Still Matters – Even Now

by | Mar 19, 2020 | General | 1 comment

“Everything is closed and/or canceled, the stock market is crashing, and we’re stuck at home practicing Social Distancing! How can you expect me to care about the Challenge at a time like this?” Because it will help you get through this – physically and psychologically. Let’s break it down:

 1. Exercise has been proven to reduce stress (which can weaken the immune system). How many of you have been stressed out about something and taken a walk – only to find that it helped you think clearer and that you felt less anxious afterwards? Me – every time! Walking releases endorphins – which help improve mood.

2. Exercise has been proven to help with depression – in some cases, even out performing medication. It’s even been proven an effective treatment for PTSD.

3. Exercise increases your metabolism and helps to improve your immune response. Get your heart pumping and fill your lungs with some fresh air!

4. Exercise has been proven to reduce your risks of breast and colon cancer, diabetes, heart disease and stroke. One study in Hawaii even showed that people who walked just two miles a day cut their risk of death overall in HALF.

5. Walking has been proven to help you think. A study by the National Council on Aging found that walking just 45 minutes a day increased the cognitive level and thinking skills of the participants. They were mentally sharper after developing a regular walking routine. 

6. Exercise just feels good. Get yourself and the kids out of the house and walk around your neighborhood. The kids will work off some of that excess energy and you’ll have more energy to deal with the challenges of quarantine. It makes all of the difference!!

So, if you are able and are medically cleared to get out to a trail or park, go. If you can only walk around the neighborhood, do that. If you’re quarantined inside, get creative. There are literally thousands of exercise or dance videos available on-line. Try something new! You may find out that you’re a Zumba prodigy! (Not me – I fall down when I do Zumba – a lot!) Don’t forget to share your discoveries with the rest of the team. You could be someone else’s inspiration! Take precautions and be safe, but don’t forget to enjoy being alive! 

Hugs – from 6 ft away! 


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1 Comment

  1. Jonel

    Thanks to this challenge, not only am I craving exercise, I am also craving being outside. In this extremely stressful time, the outdoor time is helping me keep sane.

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