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Tonik’s Maggie Women’s Performance Tank Top Review

by | Mar 21, 2020 | Product Reviews

I first learned about Tonik through 365 Mile Challenge. When I checked out their website to see what the hype was about, I loved the look of their women’s apparel. So, for my first (and definitely not last) piece from Tonik, I decided on the Maggie Women’s Performance Tank Top. The first things that I noticed when I received this top were the vibrant colors of the Navy Daisy print! Then there’s the red back, the flattering crisscross straps, and the soft, luxurious fabric. The Maggie is made with “50+ UPF substantial weight performance fabric”1, which means this top allows less than 2% of UV transmissions to pass through the fabric. 50+ UPF (Ultraviolet Protection Factor) is the best rating clothing can receive. UPF clothing can protect you from UV rays and its potential health risks, and you never need to reapply it like sunscreen. The Skin Cancer Foundation and Cleveland Clinic recommends wearing UPF clothing when outdoors in combination with sunscreen.

This top has become my go-to tank top for hiking. The first time I wore it, I was on a strenuous 7-mile hike at my local state park. By the end of the hike, let’s face it, I was sweaty. However, this top kept me more comfortable and drier than any other shirt I’ve tried for hiking. It also never moved around like other tops and it has a high, athletic neckline – which makes it a versatile top great for many different sports, such as yoga. I doubt that I’m the only one who has gone to a yoga class and had to constantly pull up my shirt during downward dog. You don’t need to worry about that in this top. You can just focus on your yoga poses and the calming music.

There are also some inspired features of the Maggie top that are not commonly found in everyday tank tops and make it unique. First, it has a built-in bra. I think you can agree that it is much more comfortable to NOT have to wear a sports bra under your shirt. Plus, since there are no straps of the sports bra to show, it is more flattering as well. It also has a wonderful safety feature – it has reflective trim along the sides of the tank top. This is perfect if you like to go on late-night runs or bike rides while still looking stylish. Lastly, the large zippered back pocket is a very convenient way to keep your phone or keys with you while being hands-free as you move. What’s even better is that there is an inner pouch pocket inside the large pocket, which is a perfect size for your phone. You can have your phone sit safe and snug in the pocket, and even connect it to headphones if you’d like. I will be taking advantage of the pocket for my walks from now on.

Now that we went over the pros, let’s go over a few cons (This is an excellent top, so there aren’t many). First, the Maggie top currently only comes in two colors (besides the Super Sale options), Navy Daisy and Black Dots. They are both beautiful patterns, but a few more colors to add to my closet would be awesome (hint hint, Tonik). Lastly, the price point is higher than some other tank tops at $89 – although the quality is much higher than others that I’ve tried. To me, it is worth it to get a tank top that is comfortable, well-made, and will last a long time. They also have the Super Sale items at only $15, but they don’t come in all sizes and are not the 2 beautiful color options mentioned above.  According to Tonik’s website, they made too many of these tank tops (so grab them while you can!).

I recommend the Maggie women’s performance tank top to any woman who bikes, hikes, runs, kayaks, does yoga, works out in the gym, or any other activity that I may have missed. The 50+ UPF fabric and reflective trim safety features with the quality fit, large back pocket, and built-in bra makes this tank top a must have. With all these unique features and its impeccable quality, the Maggie top is well worth its price.





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