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5 Tips to Get Out and Enjoy Spring Weather

by | Apr 17, 2020 | Ambassador Posts, Hiking

Spring is in the air! I love winter, but there is something so exciting about this time of year. The birds are back and singing, soon there will be wildflowers popping up and long sunny days are ahead. It’s a new beginning! Here are five things to think about while you’re bringing in the new season:

Enjoy the snow before it’s gone! If spring at your house looks anything like mine, there is still snow out there. I know it’s been a long winter and we’re all looking forward to some warm weather (even if you’re a snow lover like myself), but it won’t be very many months from now before you start looking forward to cooler days again, so take advantage of the last bit of it while you can! Maybe get out for a warm weather snowshoe on your favorite trail.

Plan your next big adventure! There is something about spring that just feels so full of possibilities – even in these days of dealing with COVID-19! As a matter of fact, one of my favorite ways to deal with this quarantine is to plan for all of the places that I’m going to go once this is over! Last year, I decided that I was going to take my first bike-packing trip – something I had never done before and knew nothing about. Sure enough though, a couple months later, I packed up my kiddo and our gear and together we rode 73 miles over three days together. It was a totally unforgettable journey! Plan for something new this year!

bike packing
Build your muscles. Now that you’ve got your next wild adventure in mind, you need to get ready! We biked and biked and biked to get ready for our trip. What great exercise we got, and my legs were totally capable of pumping out the miles when they needed to. Maybe you’re thinking about trying trail running this year. There’s no better way to prepare than to run some trails! Want to try backpacking? Start wearing your pack around the house or on your local trails so that you’ll be ready when the parks open back up!  Use the “stuck at home” time to prepare for awesome adventures to come!

Pack more than you need. I am notorious for hitting the trail just a little bit too early and a lot bit unprepared! Last year my kiddo and I hit the trail for my birthday at the end of March, and at least half the trail ended up being covered in six inches of snow. Just because there isn’t snow at home, doesn’t mean it’s melted everywhere. Take your snowshoes, just in case… and your rain gear, and some warm layers. Spring weather is so unpredictable!

If you’re able to hit the trails, bring an extra pair of shoes! I can very specifically recall walking through the forest last spring and looking down at my next step at something that looked like a sort of dried clay. Safe enough, right? Well, I ended up nearly knee high in what turned out to be very wet, deep and deceiving MUD. Sometimes it doesn’t matter whether you have waterproof boots or not, they’re going to get wet. Bring an extra pair to change into in the car – along with a bag for all of the muddy stuff. You’ll thank me later.

Spring is coming – and you’ll be able to get back out there and enjoy it soon. Stay well!

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