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Review of Tonik’s Maggie Women’s Performance Tank Top in Navy Daisy

I chose the Maggie tank top in Navy Daisy from Tonik Cycling because I really loved the whimsical pattern and bright colors.  When I received the top, I was very impressed.  Not only is this tank top even prettier in real life, it is also very well made.  The stitching is very sturdy and the moisture-wicking material is like bathing suit material, which I adore.

The fit is comfortable and it gives great support without being restrictive.  The crisscross straps ensure no slippage during active wear.  It also features a built in bra that eliminates the need to search for a matching sports bra.  The tank also features a zipper pocket on the lower back.  It is sturdy and sewn into the fabric all the way across and to the bottom, so there is no bulk and it doesn’t move around.  You can’t even feel it back there.

There are also reflective strips that are sewn into the fabric and run vertically down each side on the back of the tank.  This, along with the vibrant colors on the back, lead to added safety and security when biking or taking part in any other activity where high visibility is important.

I would definitely recommend the Maggie tank top.  The fit, comfort, quality, and extra features make it well worth the money.  You can use it for biking, yes, but you can also wear it kayaking, hiking, or just enjoying a hot summer day out with your family.  HECK!  You can even swim in it, if you want. Navy Daisy is my favorite pattern, but there are many more styles and patterns to choose from at tonikcycling.com.

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