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As many of you know, I was recognized as a “Woman of Interest” and featured in an interview by April and Jessica of ReConnect last week. How cool is that? What an honor! After talking with them a bit about their goals and their reason for starting their group, I was so excited! What a terrific group – and what amazing women! I thought I’d ask them to share a little bit of who they are and how ReConnect came to be.


As a Southern California native and Southern Utah transplant I’ve been lucky enough to have the outdoors as my backyard! From camping trips as a kid to solo backpacking trips as an adult, I try to spend as much time outside as possible! In any free time you can find me making outdoor-inspired jewelry or playing mandolin in a local trio Americana group! 


I was born and raised in the Midwest by an outdoor loving mom. Growing up in rural Iowa meant summers in the garden, caring for stray cats and dogs, bicycle rides in rainstorms, and exploring the woods behind our house. My mom encouraged my younger brother and me to embrace time outside, to explore and understand how our actions impacted the natural world.

Being outside, it just feels right. I love capturing the natural world’s beauty through photography and writing, two of my favorite pastimes outside of hiking and camping. And, connecting with other women who share that same passion for the outdoors, it only makes the experience more worthwhile.

When April and I met through a hiking organization in 2017, we hit it off immediately. Our friendship is rooted in our passion for a connection to nature and encouraging other women to feel comfortable and confident in the outdoors. After much discussion, we decided to share in that passion by creating ReConnect, an outdoor space where all women are welcome.

ReConnect ~                                                                                                                        

ReConnect is a community where all women are welcome, whether you connect with the outdoors through hiking, gardening, kayaking, skiing, bird watching, or walks with your kids at the park, anything that connects you to our natural world. Nature can provide a place of healing, a space to be our true selves. We strive for diversity, inclusivity, and fairness.

This group was born out of the idea of creating a space for women to gather from across the miles, around the globe. We want to help women feel comfortable in the outdoors, no matter what that may look like. There is no wrong or right way to be; we just want you to be you. 

We’re looking forward to watching ReConnect grow and become a community for EVERY woman.

Lots of Love – April and Jessica


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