Tonik – with Kristina Vetter

Although I currently own Tonik, I didn’t start the company – two cyclists in Seattle named Mary Dettrich and Lisa McDermott did, around 2012. They were getting ready for their first century (100 mile) ride and couldn’t find ANYTHING to wear that was comfortable and looked nice.
So (classic entrepreneur story) – they decided to make their own. They developed the Beth short sleeved top first, then the Abbey and Maggie tanks, then the dresses. I bought an Abbey jersey at the Tonik booth at a ride in California in 2015 (I think it was 2015) and it quickly became my favorite cycling jersey.
Mary and Lisa decided to retire in 2018 and I learned that they were looking for someone to take over the business. I have a degree in fashion as well as a degree in law and I was very interested in continuing the business, and it worked out. Fast forward to today!
Why Tonik? I’m dedicated to providing great looking activewear for women of all sizes and ages to feel comfortable and fabulous. I find it very frustrating that women’s activewear is often cheaply made and poorly sized, and I’m very proud of our quality pieces. We work hard on our fits and we have hundreds of customers who love how they look and feel in Tonik. 🙂

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