Liberty Sport and PPE Eyewear

Now more than ever, medical professionals and first responders are working late nights and long shifts in uncomfortable, disposable protective eyewear. This one-size-fits-all solution is ill-fitting and not able to accommodate a prescription.

For over forty years, Rec Specs has used our optical expertise to craft protective eyewear engineered to the highest standards for both athletes and non-athletes alike. As a brand trusted for optimal vision performance and protection, our high-quality protective glasses are built with durability, stability, and comfort to last shift after shift.

“I’m an emergency physician Rx eyeglass wearer who was in urgent need of close fitting, fog resistant, safety glasses to wear under my face shield that would also offer decent splash protection on its own during busy shifts to treat COVID-19 patients. Rec Specs provide good coverage, fit very well, and are comfortable. I wore them all shift, the entire time with an N-95 mask and much of the time under a face shield with no fogging.” -Dr. Baker, Emergency Room Physician

Worn by medical professionals and first responders for decades, we have recently added several new styles to our PPE collection, designed to perform and unique in the PPE category. Featuring a variety of styles and sizes to suit each individual, these frames are ready-to-wear with premium anti-fog coating or able to accommodate a customized lens prescription through the Rec Specs Lab.

Liberty is proud to do our part in taking care of those fighting to take care of us all. For more information about our Rec Specs PPE eyewear, visit:

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