In Appreciation of Women Allies

So let’s be honest, this year has been rough.  Unprecedented times, stay-at-home orders, distance learning, working from home, wildfires, hurricanes.  It has been quite the year.  Many times this year I have found myself overcome with anxiety, desperation, and even despair.  What has gotten me through that is having people in my life who support me.  So now, in this month of giving, this month of gratitude, I would like to take a minute to show my gratitude for friendship; but not just any kind of friendship, female friendship.  The kind of friendship that says I am here to listen.  I understand where you are coming from.  I understand what you are going through.  Let’s go for a walk and chat.  Go ahead and cry; your body needs to release that stress.

It is these female friendships that have gotten me through this wild year.  It is being able to relate to someone who has stood in your shoes.  These wonderful women put aside their own troubles to hear you out, give you a shoulder to cry on, a sounding board for your endless ranting, and sometimes they just put on their walking shoes and walk along beside you, saying nothing but I am here.  These are the friendships that we all need.  These are the friendships that we need to provide to other women.  These are the friendships that I am most grateful for.

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