What’s new at Trail Folk Designs?

What’s new for Trail Folk Designs? Well most importantly, April has officially switched from Etsy to a personal website – hooray!!! There are many fun collaborations and new pieces coming out over the next few months so keep up to date by subscribing on the website (and get a 10% off coupon!). These days April is focusing on growing Trail Folk – connecting with more artists, creating new styles, and really just stepping out of the “normal” Trail Folk box. Inspiration is constantly found within nature – the textures, tones, and beautiful perfections. April also says, “I like to think I’m channeling my mama when creating too. She’s a big part of Trail Folk Designs, and always will be. I constantly feel like I’m carrying on her passions and that in itself is a huge inspiration!” Be sure to check out the Trail Folk Designs story to read more as well…



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