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Our YouTube Channel

View our “Basics Of” videos that introduce the basics of various outdoor sports and activities in short 3-5 minute videos and our “My Favorite Trail” series for trail suggestions.

The 365 Mile Challenge Blog

Learn about new activities, tips & ticks, and get inspired by our member’s stories.

Here are a few of our blog posts that could help you get started:

The 365 Community

We have two options to communicate with our supportive community, which are our private Facebook group and the Community message board on our app. Both places offer you an opportunity to post your accomplishments, ask for support, and cheer each other on. They are also both private and for current members only, so you can feel comfortable to post your stories.

Member Perks

365 Mile Challenge members have access to other resources such as bingo and scavenger hunt cards for our mini challenges, activity conversion chart, and welcome packet on a special page called “Member Perks.” Find this page on the account page after you sign in.


Our podcast is in the works and will be coming soon!

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