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What members are saying

It has had me moving everyday for just short of 2 years…it is now a MUST do not a SHOULD do! Changed my life!

- Robin

My dogs insist that I sign up for the 365 Mile Challenge.

- Ronda and the Iowa Corn Dogs

This is the most supportive group I participate in. Members are there for you on good days and bad. There is no drama or negativity. Life is hard but this challenge makes it easier.

- Heather

I love doing challenges and collecting patches/medals. It helps me stay motivated to exercise everyday, which is great for my health since I am diabetic.

- Linda

Being a part of the 365 Mile Challenge, a group of amazing people who are all moving through life one mile at a time, is such a positive thing for me! The encouragement, the cheering for successes and empathy in the hard times makes this group of people, scattered all over the world, a really special group!

- Lisa

The 365 Mile Challenge motivates me to be more active and it inspires me to get outside more. The support of the community is invaluable on those days when I need a little extra push. I am healthier at 60 than I was at 50 and part of the credit goes to the 365 Mile Challenge.

- Jonel

The 365 Mile Challenge helped me stay active and motivated in 2020. I loved having the Facebook group and the giveaways as a little added support and incentive to keep moving! The mini challenges helped to keep it fun and new throughout the year. I am looking forward to 2021!

- Stephanie

I love the 365 Mile Challenge! This was my 3rd year participating and it just gets better every year. I love the motivation to get out daily and the group is so supportive and inspiring. Bring on year 4!

- Nicole

With the pandemic and social distancing, this was a good way to connect with other for a common goal of not getting stuck inside as much as possible. It was great to share beautiful locations, set backs and to be a part of an encouraging community.

- Rulon

This is so much more than a challenge, it’s a community of amazing, kind, like minded people who love the outdoors. It’s motivation to get up everyday and move.

- Hannah

This is the most supportive group I have ever been a part of. The only competition is with yourself. The members are so encouraging and welcoming. If you need motivation to get out and walk, you can find it in the posts from other members, or just ask for it and a sleuth of people will cheer you on. By far the best part of the challenge is the community support.

- Lisa

When I retired I didn’t want to just sit around. I found the 365 Mile Challenge and felt it would be a great way to keep me motivated and get out of the house every day. I lost weight, gained strength and met some wonderful people in person as well as online. The support to keep moving has been more that I had expected. I am so thankful for all for keeping me moving. I have also become more comfortable with posting on the Facebook group page.

- Susan

I’ve been a member for three years and wasn’t going to sign up this year due to upcoming knee replacement surgery but changed my mind at the last minute. Thanks to this challenge and the support of this group, I was able to begin walking again right after surgery. From the first tentative initial steps on my new knee to hiking in the Colorado mountains several months later, this group kept me motivated to get out there every day. It paid off – for the first time I completed a triple this year.

- Inge

This was my third year doing the 365 Mile Challenge. This year especially helped me get out more than I would have otherwise. I love the support and encouragement from all the members. I love that it’s not competitive. Everyone gets support regardless of the number of miles completed. I also love all the pictures the members share of their outings, they inspire me to visit new places for hiking. 2021 will be my fourth year and I’m hoping to hike more than I did in 2020, but if I don’t I will still have lots of support. I love, love, love the 365 Mile Challenge.

- Debbie

Seeing the posts of others as they move to reach their goals as well as the non-judgmental encouragement I get has helped me stay motivated and to get out on my walks, which are so beneficial for my body, mind, and spirit.

- Eleanor

The 365 Mile Challenge has been a bright light in the crazy year of 2020. The support and encouragement I experienced in the Facebook community motivated me to move regularly and got me out the door on days I could have easily sat on the couch.

- Becky

The 365 community is so supportive and encouraging – a pleasure to be able to follow each other’s adventures and cheer each other on from wherever we are.

- Kelley

This challenge gave me something positive to focus on during a challenging year. I also enjoyed the 365 community. It’s a very supportive and encouraging group of people.

- Nicki

This group is truly supportive and inclusive. Thank you for the wonderful sense of community.

- Jenna

The 365 Mile Challenge gives me a goal to work toward every year. It’s very motivating.

- Evelyn

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